We help you optimize your Monday.com workspace utilizing all the tools at your disposal.

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Don't spend more time or energy than you need to getting your systems to work!

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"...I was able to work 60 minutes or less per day, just working on purely architecture and designing how my agency works."

Paul Edwards

CEO | Ghost and the Machine

Our Services

Optimize Your Existing Systems

Hire one of our experts to optimize your existing Monday.com workspace and utilize all the tools at your disposal.

Team Training Videos

Have our experts record 2-3 minute training videos and always have a database your team can reference.

Custom Build New Systems

Hire one of our experts to build your systems allowing you to stand back and have your business fully automated. 

Here’s why choosing a Monday.com

expert is worth it


We train your team so you don’t have to


Learning new software can be a slow and tedious process for anyone, and then having to convey all that you learned to your team can be a downright painful process.

Stay in your zone of genius, and let us train your team for you.

We cut through the weeds, communicate clearly, use high-quality video training, and wrap it all up together in a package that we deliver directly to each person on your team.

We use all that Monday.com has to offer


Do you want to utilize all the tools Monday.com has to offer? Our experts know Monday.com like the back of their hands.

They know how to use the best tools and the best way to optimize them, allowing you to cut through the weeds of trying to navigate new tools and how to use them in your workspace. 

We integrate with your existing communication systems


Do you use email, SMS, or Slack for your team communication?

We seamlessly integrate your Monday.com board to meet your team where they are most comfortable, reducing the friction of remembering to check a new software.

We customize the notifications to be short, sweet, and to the point, reducing miscommunication and ensuring that everyone knows what to do and where to go.

Gatlin Johnson

Ghost & the Machine // Chief Editor

"...they have the adaptability and skill to build out any system you might need."

Our rapidly growing team needed a system that could help us keep client projects on schedule with scalability in mind. Our business was growing as we'd hope, but with that some things were slipping through the cracks.

Enter MyManMonday.com.

These thoughtful engineers and project managers dove deep into our processes and culture to build out a automated system that included notifications, triggers and scheduled reminders.

I can say for a fact we would not be operating at the level we are without the help of this team!

They're multi-talented, detail-oriented, and as compassionate as anyone I’ve ever met. They have the adaptability and skill to build out any system you might need.

Connect with an expert to help us

understand your needs

Optimize and build your Monday.com 


Train your team with short 2-4 minute training 


Get all your Monday.com questions answered right away!



Per hour

  • Full team access for questions/1-1 zoom meetings with Monday.com experts
  • Unlimited training videos created on-demand for your whole team
  • Process and strategy sessions with COO & CEO 
  • Additional software integrations & research
  • Systems optimizations improving existing workflows

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